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Euromarches 2015- Euromarchas2015

The network of the 'Euromarches against unemployment, precarity and social exclusion' supports the 'Euromarchas2015' and participates in it. The initiative for the 'Euromarchas2015' was taken by Spanish organisations. The 'Euromarchas2015' starts in the beginning of october in Gibraltar and the 'Euromarchas2015' arrives in Brussels on 15, 16 and 17 october. 

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A New Path For Europe is what we want, now!

Call for a European bottom up mobilization, from movements of Greece

United we stand against austerity and social injustice

The outcome of the ongoing battle against austerity will define the future not only of the Greeks but also the future of the European people who struggle for more democracy and equality. During the previous governments, Greece used to be a guinea pig but now is a positive example which some forces want to smash.

Therefore, there is a need for building a militant European social and political front against the pressure of the EU institutions, leading to the suffocation of the Greek society, and to the restart of the austerity programmes implemented already for 4 years by the previous governments with catastrophic results. The Greek people, by their mandate of the 25th of January, condemned the austerity policies, as well as the anti-labour laws and the privatization programmes. The policies supported by SYRIZA have adopted the demands of the trade union and social movements of Europe for the last 10 years, and now we need the support of these movements in order to repel these pressures and to proceed with the progressive programme of social justice. The European Establishment needs to punish the counter-paradigm of social justice and democracy defended by the representatives of Greek people, because they’re afraid of it: Do not let them do it!

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Crisis cannot be solved without sound social basis – ETUC announces European demonstration for 4 April

As EU leaders prepare to gather in Brussels for their end of year summit, they continue to undermine the European project by prolonging the financial and social crisis and alienating millions of people across the union.

Speaking ahead of the summit on 18 December, ETUC Secretary General, Bernadette Ségol, announced that a European trade union demonstration will take place in Brussels on 4 April 2014, as the European Parliament prepares to elect new members.

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