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‘How to fight poverty and unemployment today?’ 16 & 17/10 – Brussels

Where? Rue Pletinckx 19, 1000 Brussels

‘How to fight poverty and unemployment today?’

European conference 16th & 17th of October 2010

The European Commission has declared 2010 ‘The European year for combating poverty and social exclusion’. Though unemployment and poverty keeps on rising. Jobs are increasingly more precarious and underpaid. Answers are necessary!

We will meet on the eve of the ‘World Day for the Refusal of Misery’ in Brussels.


–      18h30 @ Bourse: ‘Slavemarket’ (action FGTB TSE Luxembourg)


–      11h Welcoming and introduction by Euromarches by Chistiane Maigre

  • Opening statement by Ricardo Petrella (UCG)
  • Francine Mestrum (ULB) on the European year against poverty and the ‘Europe 2020′-stategy

–      13h ‘Unemployed and precarious Europe: the new situation since the crisis’

  • Laurent Delavigne (MNCP France, ENU-network): ‘Introduction on unemployment in Europe’
  • Gisela Notz (sociologue): ‘A German legislation forcing people receiving allowances to work?’
  • Bleri Lleshi (philosopher): ‘Social exclusion: the case of Brussels youth’
  • Corporate Europe Observatory: Who’s lobbying for an antisocial Europe?

–      15h30 ‘The movement of the unemployed on new rails?’

What are the biggest challenges for the unemployment movement(s) today? Who is fighting back? Where and how? Where to find (new) allies to built a social Europe?

Dutch ‘Bijstandsbond’, Catherine Lebrun (SUD-emploi), Hans-Hermann Hoffman (ex-DGB, German unemployment group), ‘Travailleurs sans papiers’ (Brussels), Flemish JOC, Christine Mahy (BAPN) …

–      20h00 Cultural event with stories from different countries (Beursschouwburg)


–      9h30 ‘Conclusions: Assembly of the unemployed, poor and precarious workers’

  • Introduction & modération Angela Klein
  • Virgini de Romanet (CADTM)
  • Sian Jones (EAPN)
  • Denis Desbonnet (Collectif Solidarité contre l’Exclusion)

–      13h ‘Manifestation BAPN’