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For the attention of the candidates for the European elections 2019

Mass unemployment, precarious work, poverty and social exclusion must be fought !

The response of the European Union, however, is austerity, increasing insecurity of employment, uberisation, sanctions and repression.

Sixty years after the founding of what would become the European Union and twenty years after the introduction of the euro, the EU institutions have pursued neo-liberal policies in all member countries, leading to the present situation of cuts in real wages, precariousness, austerity measures for the vast majority of the population, with benefit cuts and sanctions against the unemployed.

We nevertheless believe that, faced with the effects of globalisation benefitting only the very richest, we can still reverse the course of events, put an end to neoliberal exploitation and stop everything that leads to the ruin of the exploited and of the planet itself.

The recent mass movements in Europe, as in France at the present time, show that, despite mounting repression, the growth of resignation and the rise of authoritarian or fascist-leaning governments is not inevitable.

For a fundamental transformation of European institutions.

Without a fundamental questioning of the institutions governing us – national and European – such a reversal is impossible. This does not depend just on the unemployed and workers in precarious jobs. But they must be present wherever their present and future situation is decided.

We want a social Europe based on the fundamental respect of social rights.

These are:

– the right to work, the rights of those in employment, the right to a European minimum wage and to decent working conditions
– no to precarious employment or forced part-time work
– the right to an income making it possible to live decently, not just to survive. Everyone should be entitled to a minimum income defined at the level of Europe and related to the costs of living of the country in which s/he lives
– the right to housing and a reasonable living environment. Basic facilities such as water and electricity must be recognized as goods and services held in common and not left to market forces.
– the right to access public services such as health care, education, professional training and culture
– the rights of families, children, the disabled and the elderly
– the right to healthy food and environment.

These rights must be provided to everyone, regardless of sex, colour or origin, accompanied by complete freedom of movement and residence.


There will be no sustainable solutions for these crises without satisfying these demands, which we have been raising for many years. There can be no social justice without fiscal justice, redistribution of wealth and cancellation of all illegitimate debt.

At the same time, no solution will come without a true ecological revolution to deal with climate change. A revolution which, in addition, would create millions of jobs.

Coordination of the European Marches 27-01-2019