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Blockupy, Attac Belgique, CIG, ELA, Gresea, EuroMarche-Bijstandsbond, attac DE, aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht, USO, Anders Europa, CGT, FSLS Voica, SNES-FSU, FSU, UGT, CC.OO, NEI til EU, CG FGTB, IRW FGTB, Solidaires, EL, Transform, CGT études, EPSU, FSIE, FSLI, CNE, RLS, Rete Salute Lombardia, Intersindical Valenciana, United, International Assembly of People’s Movements and Organizations.



The secretariat will send an overview of the contributions these three last years as well as information about the contributors.

The secretariat is now hosted by Gresea asbl. It will represent for Alter Summit a cost of 15.000€/year to cover the wage expenses of Sebastian.



Based on the discussions, Sebastian will modify the project and send it to Romain (CGT Etudes), Katerina (Transform), Céline (FGTB), Mikel (ELA), Thomas (Blockupy), Peter (FSIE), Marie-Laurence (USO), Xosé (CIG), Marie-Dominique (ATTAC DE), Marthe (CGT) for feedbacks.
Romain (CGT Etudes) will see with its organization for a nice lay-out.

Deadline for the texts: January 31. In order to send the first newsletter during the first semester (trimestral newsletter)

Translations: Isabel (UGT) can help with Spanish translations

National diffusion: how organizations can help in sharing the Newsletter in their own networks?


Labour laws in Europe

Based on the fruitful discussions, Sebastian will elaborate a synthetic text (from about one/two pages). Deadline end January.

Facilitate and support national conferences on Labour Laws and precarity (Germany, Spain, France?) with European speakers.

Making conference contributions available on the website.

Proposal of “black book”: testimonies and experiences of labour laws consequences and resistances.


Working groups

Sebastian will send the names of the people that are in the different working groups.

Unity: Production of the summer issue of the Alter Summit Newsletter. The issue should: 5-6 examples of “efficient practices” examples of unions, syndicates and organizations around Europe (see report annexed).

Digitalisation: 1) enrich the existing text (annexed) and 2) elaborate, for the next General Assembly, a project of meeting between platform workers from different countries (deliverers – analysis, demands, alternatives, struggle forms) – Already think how to finance such a meeting (Gresea could help): crowdfunding?, Transform?).

Transition: spread a synthetic text (annexed) to sensibilize Alter Summit organisations to this issue.


Other actions

Organize International Solidarity meetings with social organisations from UK, Portugal, Greece (others?). Inviting also political representatives to have their point of view and how we can help.

Working group: Felipe (CNE, will make a proposition of content), Marthe (CGT), Xosé (CIG), Miguel-Angel (Intersindical Valenciana), Pablo (EPSU), Roger (SNES-FSU), Katerina (Transform), Judith (RLS)

Develop solidarity actions (as Belgian TU going to Paris in support of the struggle against Loi Travail XXL). Some money is needed…



End January

  • Newsletter deadline for the texts
  • Synthetic analysis/position on Labour Laws
  • Coordination meeting january/february -> doodle

March- June

  • One, two, three labour laws meetings
  • 8 mars: Day of Women struggles
  • 4-7 April: Tax Justice Day and Health World Day against Health commercialisation
  • June: General Assembly
  • September: 15th: 10 years of the crisis (actions)

Date to be defined

  • Meeting « deliverers »
  • Solidarity international meetings