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Euromarches 2015- Euromarchas2015 Cialis et le Viagra (breveté par Pfizer) sont deux médicaments possédant la même fonction de stimulant sexuel. On dit également qu'ils sont des inhibiteurs de l'isoenzyme du corps caverneux (PDE-5). Ils sont prescrits dans le cadre de troubles de l'érection et ont pour rôle de favoriser l'afflux sanguin vers le pénis.

The network of the ‘Euromarches against unemployment, precarity and social exclusion’ supports the ‘Euromarchas2015’ and participates in it. The initiative for the ‘Euromarchas2015’ was taken by Spanish organisations. The ‘Euromarchas2015’ starts in the beginning of october in Gibraltar and the ‘Euromarchas2015’ arrives in Brussels on 15, 16 and 17 october.

The main goal of these marches is the struggle against austerity which is implemented with extreme violence as we shall see in Greece. In the first place this policy is aimed at the unemployed, the people living in precarity, the poor, the homeless persons, the people without papers. More than 100 million people in the European Union live beneath the poverty level. This must stop. Oxi! Basta! Enough!

At the same time we oppose the people who want to mobilize the unemployed against the fugetives who flee for war and misery. Only solidarity between the different groups makes it possible to struggle against the political forces that want to divide us in order to implement their policy of war and austerity.

The struggle against unemployment, precarity and social exclusion is necessary more than ever. Let’s mobilize for social standards on the European level and for universal social rights. Let’s demand a minimumincome for everybody that makes it possible to live in dignity and let’s struggle for socially useful work.

That’ s why we go on marching today, together with those, who think about and fight for real alternatives. We don’t want the austerity politics of the European institutions and the IMF. Let’s join the ‘Euromarchas2015’ and let’s go to the big manifestation against austerity politics and impoverishment on the 17th of october in Brussels.

Cologne, coordination of the European Marches, 27-09-2015